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New Work and New Adam


It Was a Good Day
We recently traveled to Houston for the official launch party of Chariot Energy, a new solar energy startup from Hanwha—the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels. We named and developed the brand, which was inspired by the Greek myth of Helios, the sun god who raised the sun with his chariot each day.


Offering Some Parental Guidance
The College Board helps 7 million students navigate the path to college each year. Parents play a big role too and this year has revealed they’re worried about a lot of things when it comes to getting into college. We channeled that insight into a website of the top 10 parent worries with helpful resources and advice.


Get to Know Adam (A New One)
Give a warm Butler Bros welcome to Adam Waugh, our new Design Director. Adam has a unique and diverse design background, having led large-scale brand transformations at Landor, PepsiCo and IBM. We’re really excited he’s joining our team. Look for Adam at a collaboration near you soon.

Jeremy Spencer