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You have 10+ years of industry experience in a branding consultancy or design firm.  We are not an ad agency. We want people who bring expertise and a desire to grow our practice.

As Design Director your role will be hands-on and multifaceted. This job is a hybrid role of being a leader as well as a designer — crafting strategic design and working to grow and strengthen our design practice as well as our culture.

Our shop is multidisciplinary and this requires a willingness to push beyond boundaries and embrace any medium. You will be assigned to lead projects and work closely with the entire team to craft targeted solutions. We have writers. Lots of them. We believe in “radical collaboration” and you will be involved in every stage of a project. You will participate in Blitz sessions with clients (design thinking), help develop brand strategy, assign jobs to designers, assist with brief creation, attend face-to-face meetings with clients, present work, create design, lead designers, direct freelancers, work with developers and so on. You will balance creative thinking, interpersonal skills, and client expectations to successfully translate concepts into functional design deliverables.

You will be in a leadership role. Our culture is friendly but also extremely focused and full of ambition. We expect director-level staff to monitor this alongside the partners and help cultivate a positive, enthusiastic workplace where great work emerges and actual fun is had in the process.

The list below is not all encompassing but gives a good overview of your responsibilities and our expectations.

• Create identity, visual identity and branding systems
• Write presentations and brand standards
• Lead projects from start to finish
• Strong communication and presentation skills and ability to engage and lead in workshop environments with cross-disciplinary roles
• Give creative direction
• Responsive to critique while also defending work you care about — ability to synthesize creative direction and client feedback and work towards strong design solutions while maintaining a positive attitude
• Willingness to learn and explore constantly —  stay abreast of current design and cultural trends and continually share this knowledge
• Good team player and communicator — we are an open and highly collaborative office
• Bring a healthy level of perfectionism
• Be a new business advocate every day — consider relationships you can bring to the table

• Assign creative to designers
• Review design staff’s performance and provide mentoring
• Communicate with internal leadership about culture - positives and negatives and help problem solve to ensure our environment remains in line with our vision.
• Be part of sourcing freelance talent
• Build relationships with clients
• Be a part of growing a healthy business that is profitable

Your attitude, ideas, and interests will have a profound impact on the culture at The Butler Bros. We welcome your best self to help us become a more radically collaborative culture internally and externally.

These are the core values that drive our collaboration:
Never stop learning. Be ready with your ears and mind wide open. Life is a classroom.
Mean it without being mean. People may forget what you say, but not how you make them feel.
Keep on pushing. Be uncomfortably comfortable with your work. Ideas are a renewable resource.
Get home for dinner. Take adventures large and small. Better work comes from a rested mind.

• Generous PTO policy - 3 weeks per year
• Paid holiday closures including an extra week between Christmas and New Year’s
• Health, dental, and vision benefits package paid for by us
• Quarterly team outings
• Weekly yoga class at our studio
• Eligibility for one month sabbatical after 5 years of continuous full time employment

Must be a radical collaborator and have stories and references to prove it.  Email your cover letter, resume, digital portfolio and three references to Please, no phone calls.

Alicia Pak